Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Farmbook.my is a channel to all Malaysia's Farmers to engage and integrate their businesses. While introducing their 'farm business' is a vital part for farmers, Farmbook.my is also providing an alternative market to Malaysian's consumers to bargain products offered in a very convenient way!

Its a new style of market! Good luck Farmbook.my!

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Jenis-jenis Kambing yang ada

1. Jamnapari
2. Boer vs Kambing Gurun (Baka besar)
3. Boer vs Kambing Kampung

Monday, February 21, 2011


Assalamualaikum and Salam Muhibah. I have gone through a lot of websites that offering information about goat breeding and one of the website is from Jabatan Perkhidmatan Veterinar. I've attracted at the information provided by them about Boer. I would like to share those infos here:
1. Origin of Boer: South Africa , comes to Malaysia by the year 2006.

2. The genuiene Boer Characteristics: White-coloured body , brown head

3. Quick growth!

4. has long hear , resistant to diseases , suitable to the hot and dry climate!

5. Heavy: 110-135kg jantan, 60-90kg betina

6. Mature age: Jantan: 12 Months , Betina : 10 months

7.Pregnancy tenure: 149 days- 155 days

Cheers! Credited to http://www.dvs.gov.my/

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Piai Agrofarm Semakin Membesar

Tg Piai, Pontian- 1 lagi pusat penternakan bakal dibuka hujung tahun ini. Namun demikian, ia bukanlah penternakan kambing tetapi penternakan ayam kampung dan itik. Menurut pengarah strategik bagi penternakan kecil-kecilan, En Mohd Fairuzee B Ramlee, penternakan ayam kampung dan itik ini merupakan satu usaha permulaan bagi membekalkan bekalan ayam kampung dan itik serta telur-telurnya kepada perniagaan hiliran yang diusahakan oleh Pn Fuziah Rahmat (Restoran Tg Piai) dan Pn Hindon Rahmat (Gzie Shop Enterprise) selain menyahut seruan kerajaan untuk memajukan sektor pekebun kecil.